Analog Soul in a Digital World


Oh My Goodness! I so Looooove this Topic!

As stated in my first blog yesterday,  when you hit your 40’s and 50’s, some people sail in fine, and others have trouble adjusting their sails and figuring where the wind is blowing from. Things have changed so quickly. While I look at is as “hanging on to the past”, I should look at it as contributing to the preservation of how things were done . I have a daughter in college who invited me to “Real Mail Fridays.”  It’s done every first of the month on the campus library , in a room full of stationary, stamps, ball point pens and calligraphy pens. The purpose? To write a letter the good old-fashioned way. I feel that cursive writing is now a kind of code writing.  It is on the edge of disappearance. So when my daughter invited me to sit and write letters, I looked at is as a relaxing pause, in the everyday internet flow.  What’s funny is that I’ve always been a kind of old soul. Even as a young twenty year old, I had friends twenty years older. And when they referred to an old movie or song, I was right there with them. I’ve always gravitated  to old cars, movies, and songs.  I am thrilled that movie theaters in my area are replaying the oldies like Casa Blanca. If you haven’t sat down to write a letter, I highly recommend writing one, and giving it to a loved one, via snail mail.  It’s a lovely surprise to the recipient, and says, you are so worth my time! Every time someone buys a car from our lot, I send out a handwritten note of appreciation with a throw back stamp on it.

At the Gym This Morning

I observe people, especially the ones that are in their 70’s and beyond, showing up each day to work out. I suspect they’ve probably incorporated exercise into their daily living, which explains why they kick my butt on some of the machines.  I simply marvel at their can do attitude.  They are truly inspiring. If I’m 47, and I feel sore, when the morning is all said and done, imagine how they feel. Then I really do try to imagine how they feel… blessed and ALIVE. They are beyond being concerned about their character lines. I can learn a lot from them as I shift my views on beauty. Their biological clocks, their analog clocks, are to be noted.  Take the time to talk to someone with these special clocks inside.  They are full of great stories that I feel need to be preserved, not cast aside and dismissed as though they’re number is up.  They have a place in today’s fast paced world.  They are reminders to look back once in a while, and not focus on the frivolousness of  ” how do I look?” but really get to know people beyond the outside. They are full of wisdom. They are truly BEAUTIFUL!


I find that exercising is helping me build inner strength and teaching me not to give up when I really want to stop.  I am logging food entries into MyFitnessPal and counting on my fitbit to record my activity. They are very helpful tools and I motivated by my progress and people I meet who are on the same journey of health, and feeling good about themselves. I said yesterday I wasn’t ready to put pictures up of myself, and I need to clarify, I already have pictures up on our website and other blog for our car lot business.  I am talking about the progressive pictures as I loose weight, and hopefully find piece and grace with the blessing of aging. I wonder if I will ever have the courage to post them.  I wonder if I can continue the one year journey.


Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

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