The Openess of Aging

Figuring Out How to Age with Grace

Learned behavior has taught us to be on guard, and put on appearances that we want people to see.  I am deeply outside my comfort zone being completely open and transparent, blogging about my difficulties on how I see myself, sharing my progress on a healthy plan, dealing with the aging process, etc.  But I do it because I realize that I’m not alone.  I for one do not want to take what I call ” a level 2 unnatural approach to aging.” I call it level 2 because most women already do level 1 things that I would consider, and take part in myself, to fight off signs of aging like moisturizing , applying make up, getting  eyebrows done, facials, etc.   About a year ago,  I considered cool sculpting , but had a voice inside that said, don’t fall for that.  I also have done  a facial peel that extended in the “decoulage” area as they call it. I couldn’t sleep, my skin felt like I had a bad sunburn.  I couldn’t smile,  or eat, for if I opened my mouth to bite into a sandwich, I would have bled at corners of my lips. I don’t like not being able to eat! I happen to love food! When I went for the follow-up facial, I had a brand new mark near my eye.  The technician said, ” I told you to take Benadryl. You probably scratched at it while you were sleeping.” I quickly discovered that my tolerance for pain and discomfort were on a very low threshold. That is as close to taking the level 2 approach as I have come. So when I say that i don’t want to take an unnatural approach, I am not criticizing women that do, because I have actually given it thought, and even participated in it.   There is something out of balance when I see women in their 70’s on tv with no wrinkles on her face.  Maybe you are reading this blog right now, considering having something cosmetic done. This industry is making huge money, just because we ‘culturally’ refuse to accept the process. As this blog is dedicated to “Shifting the Idea of Beauty” I think we need to figure out how to embrace those character lines, that just didn’t happen over night.  They are part of us whether we like it or not. They tell our Beautiful story.

Post Note -Day 3

530 am, I head out the door.  My knee is not hurting and I am full of energy waiting for the day to begin. I am no longer gasping for air, I turn each corner mark happily, not thinking about stopping, but rather how great I am feeling. I make it completely back to my front door and pick up my gal, Truffs short for Truffles.  I told you about her day 1. She’s my black and white Havanese- the best gift my husband ever got me. I return home and get ready for the day. I’m looking forward to having a positive day with my husband at our car lot, and meeting with our customers. Life is good and full of blessings and Beauty all around!

Why is Eating What I Want so Difficult!!

Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

4 thoughts on “The Openess of Aging”

  1. As a professional woman who is getting older, I consider all of these techniques for looking younger that you mention and more. I do use some of them, but I pick and choose. We DO need to embrace our aging selves. In the workplace, unfortunately, we have to confront ageism. If we don’t try to look as good as possible (and as young!), we become victims of ageism. I have not yet figured out how to fight this. Great post!

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    1. I like the wording “victims of ageism.” We need to turn that feeling around, be a mentor/role model for the young to look back on as they age, and be an inclusive advocate for those in the workforce that have experienced more life. Both ends can learn from each other, and Beauty is present from young to old! Blessings Rosemary. Thank you for visiting today!

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