The Beauty of Dogs

Two Loyal Companions!

As I shift my idea of beauty, I am training my brain to look everywhere for beauty, not just on the images imposed on me by social media.  As I’ve said before, the goal of my “movement” challenges us to not just sum up beauty on the surface, but rather decide if someone or something is beautiful by concluding evidence…actions…

I have a great relationship with my dogs. I get so much from them. Lilly reminds me a lot of myself.  She is an adopted dog that was left outside all the time, and was completely matted and full of ticks when the adoption service picked her up.  She hides in corners,  under chairs and behind the washer and dryer when thunderstorms come crashing through are area. She never makes it past 4 houses on our walks before she slams the brakes and demands we go back home. She has a lot of love to offer, and is sweet and gentle. One time,  I took her to a class to gain confidence in.  They would stack boxes all around the room, and hide a small treat inside.  The owners would sit in a row, and one dog at a time, bring their dog into the “hide and seek area.” Some dogs were real pros, and had done the class before.  When a dog would come out, people would continue to talk among themselves, making comments as the dog got close, laughing at the “almost got its,” applauding at the find. That wasn’t the typical scene for Lilly.  I would go to the back, coax her out of her kennel, carry her to the area, and everyone would be still and silent.  The trainer decided it would be best to lay a flat pizza box in the center of the area and place the treat out in the open.  It would take three or 4 minutes to get Lilly to find the treat. Owners were careful to whisper and not move while she was on the hunt. Picture Winnie the Pooh’s Eeyore. People came to love her by the end of the 8 weeks.  She never made it beyond pizza box level, but one man offered to ” take her off my hands.” Are you kidding? I would never give up on Lilly. She’s the most gentle dog I’ve ever owned, and I understand her, I can relate to her.

Truffles was named after the sweet chocolate stuff we all know and love.  She is my Havanese, my best friend.  I confess, she sleeps with me, but ends up snuggling my husband when I doze off.  She’s flirty, funny, and quite frankly a knock out! Unlike Lilly, we bought her from a breeder. In fact, her dad was a show dog.  She was the only black dog with white booties, in the litter, and was sitting quietly in the back while her sisters and brothers yapped.  I guess she knew how to play me from the start, because once we brought her home, she kicked her energy up to full speed.  She was 8 weeks old, and it was like having a baby. She cried all night the first 3 nights and I was desperate to get sleep.  I watched Cesar Milan. He has a way of hissing at dogs to get them to be quiet, and explains that crates/ kennels can actually  be comforting to dogs as they simulate caves.  I quickly adopted the hiss, and it worked! Though she started off sleeping in her kennel, she crept her way to the bed and has not left since. She’s really smart, and when I say “clean up” she goes around picking up her dog toys, and dropping them in the basket. Sometimes she will lay on me, and have her face right in front of mine to wake me up. Luckily never before 6am.  It’s like she’s asking, “What are we going to do today, huh!?” She jumps and bolts to the door at the word “walk”, and though she does not bark at dogs as they pass by, she does invite herself in their space thinking that all dogs want to play.  Sometimes she finds out the hard way that this is not always the case.  She’s the life of the party! She loves all attention on her, and though I can’t relate to her, I hope to be more like her.

Two Beautiful Dogs in two very different ways. We can learn a lot from dogs. They truly have unconditional love, and they are a product of the love they receive from their owners. In my opinion, they not only become our companions, they become a part of the family.

Post Note

Still sticking to my healthy eating habits exercise.  I am considering taking a spin class, but easily embarrass in front of others.


Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

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