Society Loves the False

Eleanor Roosevelt

Representation Of Women

When you think about it, the representation of what women should look like seems to be dominant to what a society should hold of value.And it’s been going on for a long time, just more “in your face” today.  From the national news shows where women anchors look like they should be on the runway, to magazines with filtered perfect pictures, to tv shows and big screen actors, the “average woman” is bombarded with a false imagery of what she should look like.

I think it’s important, yes to represent yourself well in the workplace and social functions, after all, what am I doing? Losing weight to feel better about my appearance, and be healthier right? However, it should not be what defines whether or not you are beautiful. Wouldn’t it be great that for EVERY editorial on the women put out there,  a real picture along with the “false” pictures of themselves were included to preface whatever the article may be? Wouldn’t it be great if an article titled  “How to Love Your Body” was centered around super successful women who may not be so perfect? Wouldn’t it be great if People Magazine would title “The Top Ten Most Beautiful  People” to be about regular people doing great things in our communities around the world? Wouldn’t it be great if there really were a “Shift in Beauty” Movement? I think we need to try to reverse some of the selfish tendencies social media has resulted in. It’s not fair or respectful to all the great women out there that have beauty shining through their actions, being the true role models young people should look up to, and aspire to mimic. They are far from false. They are the “Real Beauties” of our society.

Post Note- Day 27

I am part of an online community ‘Women in their 40’s trying to lose 10-15 lbs.  What pressure we put on ourselves.  The 4th of July people were dreading the gatherings fraid they would ” blow their diet.” I understand this feeling but I try to take some kind of platter that’s not too bad, and try to drink a lot of water between the two budgeted drinks for the evening.  It takes planning and effort. But if you try to remember what brought you to watching what you eat, it may be easier to just say no and enjoy other’s company.  The fall and winter are where I tend to get into trouble and really need to come up with a plan for myself there so I can enjoy and not dread.



Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

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