You Don’t Have to Look so Hard to See

Happiness is Right in Front of Youjohn-and-i-at-hard-rock

My husband and I call it turning another corner…We struggled monetarily a little bit in the beginning of our relationship.  I was an elementary teacher, struggling to keep a mortgage paid and raising my two young children on my own.  He was, as always, in the car business which can be very unstable job, and it was.  One more corner, then we will be ok.  We are people of faith, and knew we would be ok.  After our first year together, my husband was sought after by a small independent dealership.  He rolled up his sleeves, and worked as though he owned the company himself. By way of his success, I was given the freedom to leave teaching, which I no longer enjoyed.  He had very little time off, the trade off for succeeding- one more corner.  The company grew and he became the C.O.O. with 600 people working for him. The car business can be  very unstable, and it was.  He walked away from the “powerhouse job and salary” because the job he loved and took great pride in, had continuous unnecessary obstacles placed before him. One more corner…

We got the crazy idea to open “Classic Cars of Palm Beach.” We were going to travel the country seeking out the coolest, classic cars and housing them at our lot till other aficionados came to buy them. We would be the OWNERS. People loved the idea, but the cars did not turn over quick enough, and got killed by the Florida elements.  We had to take a step back…we had to change our inventory… we had to take on different responsibilities that didn’t (don’t) feel like ownership, but more like an employment. I made a pact with my husband, my best friend who I love and have the honor to support.  I will stay on and do what we have to till we lift our company off the ground.  One more corner… ( I don’t want readers to think I hate this “piece of road” but I am truly not cut out for the “rawness” of the car business.  My husband thinks it’s perfect because I’m an outsider when it comes to the car business. He says I tend to put people at ease when they come to us, and our reviews are a testimony of what he’s saying.) I take pride in our business and know we sell cars the right way. We give back to our community because we know there are blessings in doing so.  Once we have substantial growth, then it will be time for me to decide what I would like to do.  One more corner…

The problem with “turning corners” is that your vision is always focused to what the future will be like, rather than absorbing the here and now.  So many times I wonder,  “When did my children grow up?”.  It was like I blinked and my daughter is about to graduate college and my son is about to go off to college.  It’s when I realize I was a little selfish in focusing on monetary stability, and chasing my own happiness, that I missed out on so many moments I should have enjoyed.  It’s good to have goals, plans and a vision, but many times people lose sight of what the important moments in life really are. They are happy, they just don’t know it.

Post Note: Day 95 on my journey- 152.5


Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

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