The Disagreement Over Women

Is Anyone Really Watching Out For the Women in Our Lives?

There was a big stir the other night about a former Ms. Universe.  When I first heard the story, I momentarily decided not to vote for the first time in my life. Then I reasoned, ” You know what? This should not even be a political issue.” It’s a distractor. Whether you agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter. Both candidates are on even ground on their behavior of women. Neither one represents or defends women based on their track records, so they are equally negligent.  I don’t want to get in a political spew, but let’s focus on being Ms. Universe for a moment.

If you are seeking a position as a professional cheerleader, a Hooters or a Go Daddy girl, a Victoria Secrets model or a beauty pageant contender, you know full well what is expected of you as far as body image goes. It’s sad, but it is what it is.  The shallower our society becomes, the less sensitive they become as well.  There does not seem to be a choice as to how you would like to carry your body image.

That being said, I feel Mr. Trump missed a colossal opportunity.  ( I also wonder why we only hear of his father giving him  ” a small loan” but do not hear of his mother.) Perhaps if he had consulted with a team of women and asked, he might have learned to embrace this gorgeous woman at her curviest.  It would have been so great for all the women out there who we all know and love- moms, sisters, aunts, friends- who struggle with their weight. Can you imagine what a great comfort it would offer to all of us double digit sized gals to know that even Ms. Universe can gain some weight, but that it didn’t take away from her beauty? But that would require Mr. Trump and the rest of our society, to look beyond the exterior, and look at the content of who she is. What charities does she sponsor? Is she a good role model for our young girls out there? She could have been a different kind of voice for so many women out there.

I know she is speaking out now, in her self defense and what the experience did to her, which should be an eye opener to all those young girls out there that want to be a Miss America or Miss Universe. However I feel this was a missed opportunity for her as well.  Can you imagine if she had stood up to Trump and just said, ” No, I’m not going to let you shame and bully me into a photo op of exercise to show I’m getting to that unrealistic “pretty” look again.  Instead I’m staying right where I am, but I’m going to be proud of who I am, because who I am is Beautiful.

Maybe it’s time for the criteria for Ms. Universe to be re evaluated. I will say this.  About six months back there was a beautiful plus sized model on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It was great to see they stepped out of the box. Of course I was quickly disappointed that instead of being applauded, the magazine was criticized for putting her on the cover.  It was a confirmation of our society’s judgement and intolerance of the overweight, ironically at a time where obesity has spiked.

There are so many reasons to lose weight tying into health factors.  It can even be because you want to have a better self image for yourself.  Society’s shallowness should never be a deciding factor though. I myself am on a journey of weight loss, and some of the reasons are positive.  However, realistically some are out of self care and a negative experience I encountered which I remind myself of, and promise myself I would help never feel that way again. But no one is pushing me to loose the weight. No one is shaming me or bullying me.  It’s my choice. It should always be a choice. Ms. Universe and pageant contenders should have a choice because they are representatives to the rest of us out there that want to identify with these beauties. Just like the name of my blog, it’s time we “shift our idea of beauty.”

Post note- Day 108 151.0 pounds – I am branching out into new classes at the gym and realize I can do more than what I thought I could do.


Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

3 thoughts on “The Disagreement Over Women”

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for following my blog. I hope to slowly grow the movement so we can all have a mutual place to share and hold each other up! Have a great week!
      Natalie ShiftinBeautyMovement


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