Two Traditions to Take Us Into


Heading into 2017, I think about what I have to look forward to this year and how I want to receive this year. Since I was a little girl, we always had grapes around in the New Year. My relatives trace back to Spain and Cuba and this is a Spanish tradition. I like red grapes as they are sweeter and I equate that to having a sweet life. I normally have a “mental war” on New Years because I tend to be a person that looks back.  I have worked this year on shifting my idea of beauty- mind, body and soul, so I am actually looking forward to gathering with friends and if I’m lucky enough my children, adults now but always my children. A New Year is a time of renewing commitments.

My resolution this year and every year is to be a better woman- a better mom,wife, branch to my step family ( when possible), friend, aunt, sister, daughter, dog owner, writer and literacy advocate. Our children graduate this year, 2 from high school, 1 from college. My nephew will receive the blessing of confirmation.  My husband and I will continue to grow, with opportunities to grow before us.

A new tradition I started just last year was to keep a separate journal for my daughter and son. Whenever I am having a moment with them , good or bad, I write to them and I may put cut outs of stamps, tickets, pictures throughout. I will also write a bit about their family history, such as my grandfather had a family tree in which he traced our bloodline to Junipero Serra a controversial Saint. There was also a rumor this same grandfather had lunch with Al Capone in Miami Beach once.  I don’t write in them much, but the times I do write are significant. I just want them to know that being a mom to me was a privilege and not a burden. This was brought on by a couple of things: one a dysfunctional upbringing which many people can identify with I’m sure. Two: A woman in my neighborhood passed away in her mid 40’s of breast cancer, leaving 2 middle school ers and 1 high school er behind. I thought to myself, how terrible to loose someone so central to your life at those developing ages. They would not have their mother witness their graduations, successes, and celebrations any longer. Wouldn’t it be somewhat comforting to read on how proud  mom was because they couldn’t hear her voice any longer? Or know their ancestral stories…

So there you have it, a little of everything…two traditions to carry into the New Year and a resolution to be a better woman. I look forward to growing followers for this blog and making new friends, and sharing in the journey of aging with grace and peace. Cheers and Happy New Year to my new friends out there! Don’t forget your grapes… bring them in a cool presentation to a party. Skewers, Mock champagne glasses… I haven’t decided how I will bring mine to the party I was invited to, but I will make it fun and festive .If you have any ideas, send them on over. And hey, for those of us watching our weight, it’s a good way to keep our habits in check.

Day 208 Still hanging on under 147. But I want to eat cake!



Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

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