Self Awareness

I honestly did not want to join a gym.  I have a small gym room right in my development that I already pay for through the HOA fees. But that just wasn’t enough. As shallow as this sounds, I became aware that my self esteem was tied to my self image. I sat down one day to reflect on all the things I feel bad about and the bottom line was that I am aging and I can either continue to feel bad about my self image, or get into a self care regimen, that would help me physically and mentally succeed. I take great comfort in knowing I am not alone in these feelings and there are women my age who are also fighting the inner battle of seeing themselves as beautiful beings, who have probably given a great deal of themselves to their families, and realize it’s time to self care and get in touch with who you are again.

If I were to tell someone, this is what I’m doing and you can too, I think they may feel overwhelmed and even say, ya that’s too much.  However I have been doing this for 8 months now and have added to the things I am doing.  I have made healthy habits, and have not been able to shake the not so good habits, but that’s ok because I know at the same time I have to be realistic. For example, I have been drinking Cuban coffee since I was 5 years old.  It’s the first thing I reach for in the am. It’s like a baby’s bottle to me. And my favorite part about my day starts at 5:45 am.  I make coffee for me and my husband, then I drag my out door rocker to face my back patio and take in the stars,  sounds of nature around me, the smell and taste of that morning cup and I simply pause to think about all the things I am grateful for.So while I work hard at trying to look and feel better, I am fully aware that there are much more significant things in my life that I should focus on. But the bottom line is that if you feel good about yourself it transcends into your relationships and people you meet. And I like knowing that I might be helping someone out there that may be fighting a little bit of blues.  You are not alone . I’m not alone.

Day 252


While loss reads 16.3 I have really lost 20 pounds, I started recording pics when I had already lost 4. Looking at pic you can see a smile on my face and even earrings signalling,
“Ya , I’m feeling better about me!” I’m gonna list all the things I’ve adopted into my self care and again I’m thankful I can afford the things I do, but if you are on a budget there are all levels.For example, if a manicure is listed and you have little kids that you use that money towards, than you can give yourself a manicure, buy yourself a great happy color and have fun!

My list:

Fit bit: Accountability to log food in and record exercise. And record your progress pics!

Blog- It’s like journaling, but you’re being brave and putting yourself out there.

Gym 4 to 5 times a week. Pandora some great exercise music and hit that eliptical.  Shake up the levels and challenge your heart rate.

Gym trainer 2 times a week- more for accountability than anything else. Who knows, I may not keep up with gym otherwise.

Breakfast meal replacement: Plant based protein shake with fiber enhancer.  Keeps me full till lunch

Cauliflower rice gets cut into regular rice, bean sprouts get cut into asian noodle recipes, lots of veggies added into meals.

One week manicure, one week pedicure alternated, once a month hair salon.  I deserve this. You deserve this.  I always think to my first marriage on this one.  Men never leave their wives for someone with disheveled hair and sweat pants. Their heads get turned by women who are put together well.  My ex used to question when I would do things like that and now I realize, I’m deserving of these perks and I feel good about myself. So bring on the manis and pedis. One more thing to be grateful for- My husband of ten years now encourages me to do things like this for myself. To quote the great Salt and Peppa, “What a man, what a man, what a man what a mighty good man!”

Make good choices at restaurants.

Don’t forget to take care of your skin with sunscreen.

Walk after dinner to knock those 10,000 steps

Play with your dogs!



Author: shiftinbeauty

I just wanted to start the conversation of how looks seem to dominate the focus in our society. I've been told I need to shift my view of what beauty is, and want to invite anyone to join me at looking at beauty a different way.

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