Welcome to my blog, named “Shift In Beauty.” I believe there has been a cultural  SHIFT in society, where people are just looking at the outside presentation, rather than the whole package.  We used to look at a person’s qualifications and record, and now it’s all about popularity, money and a skewed definition of beauty. I am a women in her late 40’s, happily married to the man of my dreams for nine strong years now.  But that does not seem to quiet the voice I have inside that comes from the bombardment of magazines, movies, and social media of what a “beautiful woman should look like”…we’ve become numbed to inappropriateness.  It’s challenging to feel comfortable moving into your 50’s!  So this blog is dedicated to everyone who wants to Shift their idea of what beauty is, and make it a point to look at people around you in a different light. As I try to gain a more positive view of myself, I will share a small moment of how I am keeping up with a positive self image, and anything that may be an inspirational share for women like me, who kind of feel that discomfort I am talking about. It will be written in a positive light, and hopefully stir a movement where we can positively influence the young women around us, educate the men around us, and embrace everything that comes with aging in a very fast changing society. It will be a mixed bag of topics relating to the daily word prompt and tying into aging, empty nest adapting, traveling and in any other topic we can find beauty in.  Join me. Follow me. Share an email with me that let’s me know something positive is happening at work or home.  Write a quick response to a blog, and let me know that I’m not alone on this venture to shift how we are viewing what Beauty really means.